Lesbians for HAIM

Straight girls who question their sexuality for HAIM

Men who identify as lesbian for HAIM

Literally anyone who loves HAIM

And if you love HAIM I love you

This speaks to me on a spiritual level 

This speaks to me on a spiritual level 

Anonymous asked: The picture of them you posted on 7th October 2013. (Alana and Danielle wearing white t-shirts, Este wearing that black dress) Did you see what I see? Danielle wears no bra and I think you can see a nipple shimmering dark under the t-shirt. Maybe the shirt is just dirty Right there but I love to think it's not! By the way, I'm straight but since I saw Danielle first I'm not so sure anymore. Love her smile! Kisses Austria

Austria whoever you are you are amazing haha 

Anonymous asked: It took me some days to get through 540 pages, but I finally made it yesterday! Love your page. Don't ever stop! Kisses from Austria!

Holy shit I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Thanks xxxx


Danielle and Alana play ‘Famous Families’ [x]

get your shit together Danielle 


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throw back to that time when danielle hardcore pulled an este and grabbed the mic from alana during an interview to talk … 

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